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Welcome To Commodity Sure Calls

www.commoditysurecalls.com which is run by Commodity Sure Calls Ltd. is an Investment advisory company established in year 2010.

Welcome to The commoditysurecalls.com a home of experts of the Advance Tech Analysis in share markets. We provide advance technical analysis research Trading calls on Mcx, Ncdex ,Nifty , Stock Option Call Put, FNO.

CommoditySureCalls provides you the most exclusive recommendations in Commodity market also in stock market with high Accuracy of 90% – 95%.

Our well educated, experienced analyst team specialist in fundamental and technical analysis delivers you high quality of services to make good profit.

Our services is not only for particular big or small investors, Our services is helpful for all types of traders from big investors to small traders. We provide the both the beginner and the pro whether you are for first time start trading with the commodity market or investor. Our analytics help the beginners to trade in the market. Our trade techniques make you a discerning investor or it will help to make your investment accurate and proper. We are giving you the assuredness about the call quality and also giving the profit earning tactic.

We believes in Systematic development of markets through Information, Innovation and Research. We believe that technology for the exchange industry is difficult to replicate, thus providing us with a competitive advantage. Further, we operate in an environment which requires constant technology upgrades or variations and support due to changes required by the regulatory regime and market forces.

Join With CommoditySurecalls.com and Make daily Huge Profit With too small losses, our Accurate Tips helps you to trade better to make better Profits in Mcx, Ncdex , FNO, Nifty , Equity also in Stock Market .


Why Join Us

1. 100% follow up!
2. Live Chat option!
3. 85% to 90% accuracy Guarantee!
4. Minimal Trading with Maximum Profits!
5. We provides fast SMS Services from two servers!
6. We are No1 advisory Service Provider In India!
7. Commoditytradingcall’s have high qualified Skilled analyst!
8. Complete support for all your market queries & open positions!
9. All calls sent by sms, skype & yahoo messenger, g-talk also phone calls!

Golden Rules For Trading

1. Try to trade always Intraday!
2. Limit your losses - use always stop-loss!
3. Place the stop at the time you make your trade!
4. Keep a positive attitude, no matter how much you lose!
5. Never cancel a stop loss order after you have placed it!
6. Successful traders buy into bad news and sell into good news!
7. You are the most essential factor in the formula for achievements!
8. The most difficult task in speculation is not prediction but self-control.
    Effective Trading in market is challenging and frustrating!
9. Don't ever allow a big successful trade to become a big loss. Stop yourself out if
    the market goes against you 20% from your optimum benefit point!